Champagne: You're Drinking it Right


Whether it’s from cut crystal or a boot you fished out of a pond, there’s no one right way to drink bubbles. Live your truth.

From a flute: Congratulations! You’ve conformed. Flutes are designed for fizzy beverages by limiting the surface area. This means that there is less area for the fizz to escape from, keeping everything sparkling for a bit longer. Often a nice flute will have a small line engraved at the bottom of the glass, to ensure there is a pleasing line of bubbles rising from the bottom at all times.

From a regular wine glass:This is the one that wine nerds will swear by, and insist you use when you go to their house and get given some ridiculous glass of amphora-aged pet nat orange bullshite. But actually, these wines benefit from the same things that make these glasses great for regular wines — you can swirl with gay abandon, you can shove your nose right in there to smell the aromas and not accidentally snort wine up your nose (if this has never happened to you while tasting you’re a god damn liar). Plus it somehow makes sparkling wine into a wine that is ripe for everyday drinking, rather than something that you can only have when something good happens.

From a coupe: On paper, these glasses are crap for drinking sparkling wine out of— fizz dissipates quickly because of the surface area, and try walking a metre without sloshing that shit everywhere. But there is no other beverage and no other kind of glass that will make you feel as glamorous as when you are drinking champagne out of a coupe (note: this is only true of dry land — the second you take any wine into the sea or a pool, that will immediately become the most glamorous you’ve ever been).

From a teacup with saucer: This is twee af, admittedly, but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be immediately charmed if you showed up at a garden party or a baby shower and the host handed you a cup and a saucer with a fizzy bounty inside. A ceramic vessel is going to be just as suitable for wine as a glass in terms of having a neutral aroma, and the saucer will provide a very handy spot to put your napkin. There’s nothing worse than being at a party clutching a glass in one hand and a spent skewer in the other.

From a plastic cup: Sparkling wine will still be delicious sparkling wine if you drink it out of a plastic cup. They say the best tasting wines are the ones you have on the best occasions, so by that logic, a cup filled with your favourite Champagne should be the best thing you’ve ever had in your life if you’re sitting on the beach with your boo on a still evening watching the sun go down. And if you’re drinking it while standing squashed up in a hallway at someone’s house party, that’s cool too.

From the bottle: Get it gurl.